Additional Therapies

Hypnotherapy helps put your life in perspective


After completing a training course in Mindfulness and Behavioural Cognitive Therapy, I began to integrate some of these practices into therapy sessions.

Mindfulness is all about being aware and awake to the present. Being mindful we learn to bring our attention to our breath to collect and anchor the mind. We notice and observe what is happening in our mind and all around us, without judging and reacting. This allows us to be in the moment rather than jumping around in our thoughts to the past or the future, worrying about what went wrong or what upsetting things might happen. Being mindful of the moment, we can relax, we can cope better and we can be open to the joys of life that often pass us by.

Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR)

EMDR is a psychological therapy, recognised by the National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) in 2005 as an effective treatment for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. It was originally used with great effect on veterans of the Vietnam War. This therapy is now used for many types of anxiety disorders where past events are still disturbing the client. Occasionally, unprocessed emotionally charged information can get ‘stuck‘, resulting in flashbacks, intrusive thoughts and nightmares. EMDR therapy helps reprocess traumatic memories through bi-lateral stimulation of the brain. This can be done with repeated left-right movements of either the eyes, sounds or tapping the body.

I was trained in EMDR techniques through the London College of Clinical Hypnosis as part of advanced hypnotherapy training and often use it alongside hypnosis. If you would like to find out more, please don’t hesitate to email or call for information. You will also find extensive information on various EMDR websites.

emotional freedom technique (eft)

This method of therapy combines mind-body medicine with acupressure techniques. It is based on new discoveries related to the connection between the body’s subtle energies, emotions and health. The client follows a series of tapping movements on different energy points/meridians around the body with the fingers, helping to release stuck energy and rebalance the body’s health, emotions and physical problems. This is accompanied by some talking therapy.

I have training in EFT and can use it independently or in conjunction with hypnotherapy techniques. Like EMDR, EFT has been shown to be very effective with people suffering from trauma. Amongst other things, it is also excellent for phobias and a great technique to use with children.

Touch for Health Kinesiology

What is it?
Touch for Health is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine and uses principles of acupressure, nutrition and energy systems. Simply put, it is a blend of Western techniques and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Chiropractors had noticed a connection between muscles and energy meridians and went on to develop a muscle monitoring (muscle testing) system. This is a simple, gentle method of assessing stress responses from the structural, chemical and emotional areas of the body. These stress responses can indicate which corrections are required, to bring the whole person into balance. Correction methods include the use of acupressure points, neurovascular holding points, meridian energy balancing, emotional stress release exercises and dietary changes. It can be used with all sorts of emotional, physical and physiological problems. Through muscle testing we can also deduce which other therapies or lifestyle changes could help the body return to its natural state of health and wellbeing, enabling a person to achieve their full potential. I am presently studying this therapy.


This is a therapeutic form of natural, holistic healing which originated in Japan. Like all Eastern medicine it focuses on the whole person and not just the symptom. Science states that everything is composed of energy and Reiki treatment is concerned with rebalancing the body’s energy, which can have a positive effect on emotional as well as physical symptoms. Reiki is pronounced “ray-key” where ki means life force energy, and Rei means universal. It is believed that when this energy is balanced the body can begin to heal itself.

The practitioner’s hands can be placed above, or gently rest upon the body’s various energy points. Unlike massage, there is no manipulation and clients remain fully clothed. Clients usually experience a sense of deep peace and relaxation.

I have completed Reiki training in all three levels and I am a Reiki Master.

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