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Hypnotherapy aids vibrancy

Hypnotherapy can be a wonderful way of alleviating symptoms and changing behaviours, enabling you to live life to the full. Some examples are shown below, however, hypnotherapy can help you in all sorts of ways. A whole range of symptoms can benefit from the deep relaxation experienced in hypnosis and the positive suggestions we use can help you to move forward. If your situation cannot be changed for the moment, for example, if you have a chronic condition or a difficult relationship, work or home life, then hypnotherapy can help you to cope better with your present challenges while gaining a new perspective. Or maybe you’re looking for motivation or help towards a life goal? So, if there is anything you would like to improve and it’s not listed here, please give me a call. You may find that hypnotherapy is the perfect way to support those changes and bring your life into balance. As a Clinical Hypnotherapist I would recommend that you speak to your GP to diagnose any medical problems before making an appointment.

Weight Loss &
Healthy Eating

Hypnotherapy for weight loss

Hypnotherapy is used with a whole range of eating habits and attitudes towards food, helping to change how you feel about yourself as well as how you feel and think about food. Many people use food to change their mood, and then feel worse afterwards. So why not change your relationship with what you eat? Hypnotherapy can be a great way to gradually and naturally lose extra weight and is a healthy alternative to the hypnotherapy gastric band treatment.

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Hypnotherapy helps to boost confidence

Hypnotherapy aims to heighten confidence, improve self-image, increase social skills and teach assertive behaviour. It is common to be very confident in some areas of our life, but with certain people or in certain situations, we feel nervous and powerless. As well as reducing stress, hypnotherapy can increase general feelings of wellbeing, enabling you to feel more centred, confident and in control. I wonder how much more you would enjoy your life if you felt more comfortable with yourself?

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Hypnotherapy for physical stress

Prolonged stress and anxiety can cause physical and emotional symptoms such as dizziness, tightness in the chest, aches and pains, irritability and low mood. Hypnotherapy aims to reduce these stressful thoughts and feelings and increase your ability to cope in difficult situations, which can ease the physical symptoms too. Stress also seems to exacerbate certain physical conditions like nervous twitching, shaking, bruxism, tinnitus, bladder difficulties, bowel problems, psoriasis and other skin conditions, as well as IBS. Increasing relaxation through hypnotherapy and self-hypnosis can very often help to alleviate these conditions, making life more comfortable.

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Quit smoking using hypnotherapy

Many people think that smoking relaxes them, but the toxins and nicotine in cigarettes can actually stimulate and harm your physical body as well as negatively affect your mood. Whether you feel trapped by the burden of smoking cigarettes, vapourisers, e-cigarettes or even using nicotine patches, hypnotherapy can help you to set yourself free by getting to the root of the problem and removing your desire to smoke.

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Focus &

Hypnotherapy improves focus & performance

I work with athletes, musicians, actors, dancers, teachers, business people and others, to improve their performance, by focusing attention, creating positive goals, sharpening skills and reducing anxiety around the event. Hypnotherapy is also good for improving study skills and lessening nerves before exams and driving tests. What would you improve?

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Nervous Digestive

Nervous Digestion

Stress and anxiety can appear to irritate the digestive system in some people, potentially causing new problems or exacerbating existing conditions. Hypnotherapy sessions aim to increase feelings of relaxation and wellbeing, which can benefit both the mind and the body. Suggestions in hypnosis can also enable people to feel more in control of their body’s functioning. Many clients come to hypnotherapy after being diagnosed by their GP with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

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Hypnotherapy for stress management

Stress can affect us in many ways, both emotionally and physically. Your stress may stem from a variety of things, including pressures at work, relationships, illness, financial difficulties. A course of hypnotherapy sessions could help you to enjoy a sense of peace and relaxation which you haven’t experienced in a long time, if ever! You will also be given a relaxation CD so you can relax whenever and wherever you wish.

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Hypnotherapy for Pain Management

Pain is a warning system that protects us from damage or tells us that something is wrong with some part of our body. Hypnotherapy is used with the symptoms of chronic pain, long-term illness, painful headaches, skin conditions and so on. It is recommended that you speak to your GP to diagnose and discuss any symptoms before making an appointment for hypnotherapy.


Hypnotherapy for sleep problems

It is common to experience episodes of poor sleep, especially during times of stress, when thoughts and worries seem to go round and round in your mind. It could be that you struggle to get to sleep, or you may get to sleep easily but then waken in the night, unable to return to sleep. Sometimes the mind seems to get noisier and busier in the quiet of the night. Hypnotherapy can allow those worries to begin to drift away. Other things that can affect sleep are working shifts, being in pain or unwell, or trying to sleep in a noisy environment. Hypnotherapy can help you to feel more comfortable and less sensitive to disturbances, improving the quality of your sleep. It encourages relaxation and explores how a shift in focus can promote a natural, restful sleep pattern. I can also teach you self-hypnosis for night-time relaxation and provide you with a CD to help you to drift off.

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Hypnotherapy aids fertility

Hypnotherapy is often used when a client is experiencing unexplained fertility. Stressful thoughts and worries have the ability to interfere with our body’s natural functioning, so we use this mind-body connection to help alleviate any physical or emotional worries or concerns. Hypnotherapy is also a great way to enhance the fertility of the body. Many people believe it can improve their chances of success when receiving fertility or assisted conception treatments. Hypnotherapy is also used during pregnancy to support a client’s well-being and also in preparation for childbirth, especially when anxiety is a concern.

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Children &
Young People

Hypnotherapy for children & young people

After many years of working with young people in a variety of settings and roles with organisations such as Barnardos and Childline, I am sensitive to the anxieties experienced by children and young people. Common worries are bedwetting, fears and phobias, separation from parents, problems at school, exam stress, bullying and family problems, but symptoms vary widely.

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Hypnotherapy Cancer Support

Having worked in the main hospital building at Gartnavel, as well as with cancer charities and GP health centres, I understand the stress and anxieties experienced by those affected by cancer as well as their families and friends. I am also familiar with many of the symptoms, treatments and side effects. Hypnotherapy can be very helpful in helping to cope with the emotional stresses, can often reduce the uncomfortable side effects of medication, help with disturbed sleep and related anxieties.

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Anxiety &

Anxiety & Phobias

A small amount of fear and anxiety is quite normal in challenging circumstances, but many people experience these feelings to such a degree that their whole life is affected. They begin to avoid situations or objects, in order not to experience the uncomfortable symptoms associated with them. This persistent fear, which is disproportionate to the actual danger involved, is called a phobia.

Hypnotherapy can help with anxiety and panic attacks, as well as fears and phobias of all kinds. People can develop a fear of almost anything, especially after a traumatic experience or from learning the behaviour from someone else, like a parent. Some common phobias include flying, spiders, heights, dogs, birds, rats, dentists, needles, open spaces, enclosed spaces, lifts, bees, thunder, water, food, sounds, buttons and sickness, as well as social fears such as public speaking, performing or being in crowded places. With hypnotherapy, fear no longer needs to be a part of your life.

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