Simple ways to help you to enjoy your food again

Hypnotherapy for healthy eating

Many people use food to change their mood, rather than eating when they are hungry. This makes sense in a way, as our original source of comfort as babies was from milk and then solid food. But we only really enjoy food when we are hungry, so let’s find out how to make some changes, so that you can enjoy your life - and your food!

Clinical hypnotherapy is a safe and effective method of natural weight loss. 95% of people who lose weight through dieting put in back on again and usually end up weighing more than before. Permanent and healthy changes to lifestyle, including meeting emotional needs, is often the best way for a person to bring their life into balance. Hypnotherapy sessions require a commitment of 2-3 sessions to allow time for the changes to be implemented for long-term effect. There are however, many things you can do to free yourself from your old way of life and start living life to the full.

Use self-hypnosis to visualise yourself in the future, with a strong, slim, healthy body. Imagine your skin with a healthy glow, your eyes sparkling, your smiling face, enjoying life, doing things you don’t do at the moment. You could be swimming, playing football with your children, wearing beautiful clothes, sunbathing on a tropical beach, whatever you want! Remember, the unconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between what is real and what is imagined, so imagine yourself full of vitality and health, living the life you want. See self-hypnosis hints.

Become more aware

What is your eating pattern? A diary might help you find this out. Notice how you feel before you decide to eat, how you feel as you eat, and then how you feel afterwards. Also, where do you eat? Is it mostly at home in the evening, watching TV, at work? Is it because you are bored, stressed, or as a reward? Does it happen when you feel lonely, sad, or happy?

Nourish yourself

When we notice our eating patterns it can often highlight needs that are not being met, showing us that we are filling a hole with food. I wonder if there are any areas in your life where you could nourish yourself in a more satisfying and fulfilling way, so that you could meet those needs in a better way, and release the need to overeat.

Fill your life with things you enjoy

Perhaps there is something you enjoy already where you forget about food? It can be the simplest of changes that lead to big differences in how you feel. It might be as easy as organising a phone call to a friend or an activity in the evening if that’s when you usually snack. Or, if you are feeling stressed, then self-hypnosis, relaxation techniques and something like a yoga or meditation class may be just the thing. Take some time to notice how you feel and then see if there are any little changes you could make to take care of those feelings. Often when we do that, our eating takes care of itself.

Choose your own eating plan

Include the foods which you really enjoy. Add lots of fruit, vegetables and water, and some form of exercise. People often try to exercise and then give up. Usually this is because they are doing it because they feel they should and it becomes a chore. If you try out a few classes or activities, then you are bound to find something you actually enjoy, and want to do for yourself. Exercise is a great mood changer and it can often lead to new friends and more energy too.

Did you know that you can enjoy your food more by eating less - and by eating more slowly?

By being mindful of your food, you can enjoy it more than ever before. Take time to look at it before you eat it, notice its colours and shapes. Really allow yourself to taste it by slowing down your eating, rolling the food around your tongue, experiencing the flavours and textures. Digestion begins in the mouth, so why not take your time and enjoy each mouthful. Try putting your cutlery down in between each mouthful, or putting your sandwich down until you are ready for the next bite.

Eat only when you are hungry and eat what you enjoy

Be aware of how you feel and how your body feels. Notice your body as it begins to feel full and stop there. The cycle of unhealthy eating can be broken when we are honest with how we feel and address those feelings, meet those needs in more satisfying ways and begin to care for ourselves again.

Talk to Someone

Speak to someone about your feelings if you think they are contributing to eating problems. Friends or family may be supportive, or you can try writing feelings down. It could be helpful to speak to your GP, a counsellor, or a hypnotherapist with counselling experience. If you are very overweight or underweight or have problems with binge eating it is also very important to speak to your GP to identify any medical problems. They can often provide exactly the kind of help and support you need.


I just wanted to let you know that since my sessions with you I have still not eaten a piece of cake, biscuits, chocolate or sweeties!!!!! Believe you me, that is a miracle and I can't thank you enough. Thanks for listening. CC

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