Fertility and hypnotherapy

Fertility and hypnotherapy

It is important to give attention to the mind as well as the body when looking at maximising fertility, especially now that we know that the mind affects the body and vice versa. There are many factors which can affect fertility and it is possible to use hypnotherapy to work towards enhancing the body’s fertile state in a variety of ways. For example, you can see from the list below, that there are a range of issues which could be affecting conception. Hypnotherapy can help by addressing these issues and restoring balance, giving couples the best chance possible.

The role of hypnotherapy can also be a tremendous help when going through fertility or medical treatments, providing both emotional and physical support. It can also ease the effects of infertility, enabling people to live a more fulfilled life.

I am a fully qualified Fertile Body Practitioner specialising in a holistic approach to fertility. You can find the Register for Fertile Body Therapists worldwide at

The Fertile Body Method helps increase fertility by restoring physical, mental and emotional balance and wellbeing. This can take place by increasing relaxation, reducing stress, making positive cognitive changes, using visualisation and making changes to diet, exercise and lifestyle. Both physical and emotional needs are addressed and where appropriate we would identify and resolve issues that may be preventing conception (conscious and unconscious resistance).

In Sjanie Hugo-Wurlitzer’s Book, The Fertile Body Method (Griffin and Turrell, 2004b), she indicates examples of issues that may prevent conception, such as

The following are examples of issues that may prevent conception:

  • Fears about pregnancy, birth, parenthood
  • Fears about ability to cope
  • Concerns about work versus family
  • Concerns about relationship
  • Previous miscarriage, stillbirth or birth trauma
  • Terminations
  • Issues with own femininity / masculinity
  • Unresolved grief
  • Unresolved issues from childhood
  • Unresolved Trauma

Preparing the couple for conception by helping them:

  • To make the necessary changes to their lifestyle, diet, smoking, alcohol intake and exercise habits
  • To feel confident and ready for parenthood
  • To improve intimacy and their sexual relationship (for natural conception)
  • Providing support
  • Supporting the couple if they do conceive in order to help them carry the baby to full term
  • To restore menstrual health, or sperm mobility and count
  • Teaching self-help tools that continue to enhance fertility
  • Support to maintain the changes they have made
  • Supporting them to make decisions about fertility treatments and other options for parenthood
  • To prepare for IVF or other fertility treatment


We had been trying to start a family for a few years, but it was a rocky journey encompassing pregnancy losses and surgery until we were referred for IVF. It took two cycles of IVF and hypnotherapy, but we now have a beautiful one year old daughter. I believe seeing Amanda is one of the best things I did, and my state of mind being relaxed and calm contributed to the successful pregnancy. I can’t thank her enough! FC

I was worried about getting pregnant and giving birth, but I was also afraid that I would never get pregnant. It didn’t feel possible. After a couple of sessions with Amanda, I felt clear about what I wanted and it began to feel like a real possibility. Happily I’m now pregnant! SM

My infertility issues had taken up a large part if my daily life. I struggled with stress and found that I was unable to relax. I was recommended to try hypnotherapy as a natural remedy. After my first session with Amanda I was relaxed and any negative feelings that I had been experiencing were greatly reduced. In addition to this, Amanda provided a CD that I can listen to at home so that I can relax any time that suits me. I would highly recommend anyone experiencing the same issues as me to forget any reservations about hypnotherapy and give it a try. EF

I've been attending A Life in Balance clinic for a few sessions after experiencing a stillbirth late in my pregnancy. Amanda understood my anxiety & fears. She is very friendly & has helped me emotionally & physically to cope with the effect this has had on me. After a few sessions I can begin to see a difference & now feel there is hope for the future. NP

… I'm also 20 weeks pregnant! After 12 years of trying and 2 failed attempts of IVF - it happened naturally and I believe that your exercises of looking at my womb and ovaries in a different light really helped and of course the removal of stress from my work life. KW